Educational Material

Shadows of Shoah provides a number of educational resources for use in school curricula in addition to the three minute survivor stories featured in The Shadows of Shoah Exhibition and online. Additional resources are under development.

Our Teacher's Guide is based on seven of the stories and features:

  • A Holocaust Narrative - a brief overview of the Holocaust incorporating seven Shadows of Shoah stories

  • Further Background Notes

  • Themes/Questions to Explore

  • Transcripts of seven Shadows of Shoah stories

  • NZ Curriculum

  • Links to Further Information

  • Our Teacher's Guide can be viewed here.

  • Transcripts can be downloaded here.

In addition we make available copies of the book "The Holocaust - The Nazi Genocide Against The Jewish People" in association with stagings of The Shadows of Shoah Exhibition. The book was produced by NSW Board of Jewish Deputies. It is 64 pages and provides an excellent summary of the subject.

The exhibition was staged at Waikato Museum. The museum produced a supplementary educational resource for schools. It included "Suggested Pre Visit Focus Activities" and "Post Visit Reflection Activities". It can be viewed here.

Lakes District Museum (Arrowtown) produced an excellent educational resource for schools. It can be viewed here.

Educator Stephen Beguely produced another excellent resource based on the story Holocaust survivor Benjamin Steiner. His "mini unit" can be viewed here.

The translation of Shadows of Shoah stories into multiple languages has begun. Sign up to be advised as the new websites are released.